Terms and conditions 2023

In order to have a good ride we have set up some rules. We expect the participants to follow and have read these rules thoroughly. Together we want to have a beautiful but most of all safe ride!


  • Has the minimum age of 14 years (original ID -so no copy - can be shown and the form of participation under 18 years of age must be completed and handed in) 
  • Declares that participation in the Friesian beach ride is at risk of the participant. Both the organization of the Friesian beach ride as well as Manege Noot are under no circumstances responsible for accidents or theft. Participants need to arrange a fitting insurance.
  • Agrees that the information, as completed in the application form, will be stored in a database system. This data will be treated confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Gives permission that all images before, during and after the day of the beachride is created in which participant/horse is shown may be used for promotional purposes. 
  • Agrees that terms and conditions, and changes to these regulations, are valid from the moment these are published on the website www.friesestrandrit.nl. 

The day itself:

  • Follow parking directions from the traffic wardens, visible through a red coat
  • All participants must register upon arrival at the secretariat.
  • The 15 riders in front of the group marked with a coloured jumper may NOT be surpassed by anyone! All riders must stay behind these 15 riders.
  • During the joint beach ride you may NOT gallop. After the ride, we return to the car park. The riders who still want to gallop, will be accompanied back to the beach for a gallop. 
  • During the loop through the village of Huisduinen, we go in pairs of two and close up.
  • Try to stay together in one large group as much as possible. This helps to keep the horses to stay calm.
  • Keep an eye on each other and on safety at all times.
  • Helmet is mandatory.
  • The car park must be left tidy.


  • Black smith, Vet and first aid are present
  • Entry fee is € 40, –
  • You can transfer this amount to account number; BIC INGBNL2A   IBAN: NL61INGB0653618387        named: L. de Jong.
    Please describe "Strandrit" and your full name and residence.
  • The registration is only complete when the entry fee has been transferred and has been written on the account.
  • Cancellation with refund of the registration fee is possible until September 1st, 2023.
  • After this date there will be no refund, unless a doctor or veterinarian statement is handed in.
  • Registration is made in the name of participant, this is strictly personal and not transferable.

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Organisation Friesian beachride