Agreement participation under the age of 18

Parents of children under the age of 18 are asked to fill out this form and hand a printed copy in (together with original ID) prior to the beach ride. Without this signed form the child is not allowed to particiapte. If the authority is with both parents, it is important that both parents sign this letter of agreement.

Name of participant_____________________________________________________________________________
Name parent/guardian__________________________________________________________________________

  • I give permission that my son/daughter/foster child takes part to the Beach ride for Friesian horses at own risk on October 14, 2023. Both the Organization for the Beach ride for Friesian horses as well as Manege Noot cannot be held liable for accidents, theft etc.
  • I declare to be the parent or guardian of above child and agree to the terms and conditions which can be found on
  • I certify that my son/daughter/foster child is adequately insured for the participation in this event.

As agreed by parent/guardian 1:


First name:_____________________________________________________________________________________
Last name:_____________________________________________________________________________________
Date and place:_________________________________________________________________________________


As agreed by parent/guardian 2:


First name:____________________________________________________________________________________
Last name:____________________________________________________________________________________
Date and place:________________________________________________________________________________


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Organisation Friesian beachride